El Perro del Mar em Paris

26 10 2006

Segue texto de Laurindo Feliciano, comparsa de longa data que mora em Paris e sempre manda informações quentes do que acontece por lá:

Há um mês tive o privilégio de ver a sueca El Perro del Mar tocando em Paris. Após o show, pedi à Sarah Assbring para me conceder uma breve entrevista para o Indierock. Transcrevo o resultado abaixo, no original:

1- I am under the impression that you don’t like the concept to create an “album”, but you prefer isolated songs, each one with a different story, a different feeling. Is this vision of your work true?

S: When I started writing the songs that eventually became the album I was very much into the idea of writing and recording session-wise. I wanted the songs to be able to stand for themselves and not to be just parts of a bigger thing. I wanted each song to be thought of as an album in itself almost. You see, initially I released my songs one by one or three at a time so that’s why I think that idea was very important to bring forward. I still prefer thinking of my music in that kind of way though I’m now really looking forward to creating an album in a more kind of traditional way - I think the next album will be more of a symphony - i e all the songs based on a conceptual vision or idea.

2- With which frequency do you write songs?

S: It’s very different. In one sense I think I’m always thinking of songwriting though I’m obvisously not actively writing all the time. But creating things in my head is an on-going process that never stops. I think of it as a collecting process that is always in progress and when the actual recording and arranging takes place I’m quite clear of where I and the songs are and where they’re going.

3- Can we expect a new album soon?

S: Yes, but not in a near near future. I’m in the working of a new album but I don’t know when it will be finished.

4- Can you name some of your favorite contemporary songwriters?

S: I find it terribly hard to come up with contemporary writers. Here are some of my favourite songwriters regardless of time: Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg, John Lennon, Neil Young, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon.

5- If you had to pick a couple of their songs to put on a mixtape for a special person, which ones would you pick?

S: ‘Walk on by’ - sung by Dionne Warwick, ‘Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais’ - Serge Gainsbourg, ‘You and me’ - Neil Young, ‘What is life’ - George Harrison, ‘God only knows - Brian Wilson, ‘Oh Yoko’ - John Lennon.

6- Who do you think are the main promises in the new swedish music scene?

S: I cannot really answer that question….but there’s a band called Peter, Bjorn and John. They’re really talented and unique and write such brilliant pop songs.

7- What are your expectations regarding your upcoming shows with Jens Lekman in Brazil?

S: Oh I’m really looking forward to it! It’s really hard to imagine what it will be like so I’ll try not to do that. I’m really glad that this tour will be happening!


Escute: “El Perro del Mar - God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)”

(A Perro del Mar lançou seu primeiro full-length este ano. O disco, homônimo, vem recebendo boas críticas da imprensa internacional.)



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26 10 2006
Lariú (11:17:04) :

excelente a volta do indierock!
e El Perro del mar toca no RJ, dentro do ALGUMAS PESSOAS, dia 14 de dezembro.

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